Consultation on charges for the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles

Closed 6 Aug 2018

Opened 14 May 2018

Published Responses

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This consultation document seeks views on new levels of charges applied to the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles in Scotland. These charges will apply where the police or Local Authority have cause to remove or recover a vehicle in particular sets of circumstances. The vast majority of these recoveries are carried out on behalf of the police under the Vehicle Recovery Scheme managed by a managing agent using various recovery operators across Scotland.

Why We Are Consulting

We are seeking views to allow adequate consideration to be given prior to regulations being laid before Parliament to introduce revised charges. We are seeking to introduce a fair and balanced charging regime for this important work and the views of the public are key to achieving that outcome.

Download the consultation paper.

What Happens Next

The Scottish Government will carry out an analysis of the results of the consultation and thereafter bring forward regulations to review the charging arrangement for the Recovery, Removal and Storage of Vehicles.


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