Abortion notifications and data - changing the process: consultation

Closed 30 Apr 2021

Opened 1 Mar 2021


The consultation proposes changes to allow the statutory notifications of abortions in Scotland to be sent to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) electronically in future. It also proposes to remove the current requirement to submit information about each abortion with each notification (the yellow forms). Instead the Scottish Government proposes in future that abortion providers should submit data on abortions directly to Public Health Scotland (rather than via the CMO) to enable the abortion statistics to be compiled.

Why we are consulting

The Scottish Government wishes to gather views from those affected, particularly abortion providers and Public Health Scotland, to ensure that any changes are workable in practice and to make sure any changes ensure personal data is sufficiently protected. While it is a legal requirement to notify the Chief Medical Officer of all of abortions in Scotland, the Scottish Government will use feedback from this consultation to work with Public Health Scotland to identify the best options for submission of notifications and abortion data in future.

Read the consultation paper. 

What happens next

The Scottish Government will analyse the responses to this consultation. Subject to the views expressed, we expect to bring forward amendments to the Abortion (Scotland) Regulations 1991 for the Scottish Parliament's consideration in autumn 2021.


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