Funeral Director: Code of Practice Consultation

Closes 20 Sep 2019

Opened 21 Jun 2019


This is a consultation on a statutory Funeral Director: Code of Practice. Funeral directors will be inspected against this Code once it comes into force and will be legally obliged to meet its requirements.

The Code was developed with input from a funeral director industry working group chaired by the Inspector of Funeral Directors, and including funeral director representatives.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to continue to work in partnership with the funeral industry in driving up standards of care of Scotland's deceased. Consultation on a document that aims to do just that is at the centre of this partnership.

It is important the people who will be affected by the Code are given the opportunity to comment on all aspects of the content of the Code, so that we can understand the impact it will have on funeral directors and the funeral industry. We want people to take their time to read the Code in full and then answer the consultation questions. That way we can ensure we are taking full consideration of peoples' views.

The questions in the consultation target aspects of the Code we believe will have the biggest impact on funeral directors when the Code comes into force. However, we are equally interested in capturing comments on all aspects of the Code and so have provided space to capture those as well.

Once the consultation has closed, our team will analyse the responses and consider each carefully, feeding those back into the Code of Practice.

The Code will next be published so that all funeral directors can see it and begin working towards meeting its requirements before it is laid in Parliament and comes into force.


The Funeral Director: Code of Practice should be read before you answer any of the consultation questions. 

Read the consultation paper.

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