Mandatory calorie labelling in the out of home sector in Scotland

Closed 1 Jul 2022

Opened 8 Apr 2022


Mandating calorie labelling at the point of choice can support our Out of Home (OOH) sector to make a key contribution in improving our dietary health.

This consultation fulfils a pledge made in our 2021 Out of Home Action Plan. The Plan builds on the commitments made in the 2018 Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan and recommendations made by Food Standards Scotland (FSS) to Scottish Ministers in 2019.

We are consulting on:

1. whether the provision of calorie information in OOH settings at the point of choice should be mandatory

And if so:

2. the manner in which calorie information would be presented so that it is easily accessible and understood
3. the advice and guidance that OOH businesses may require to ensure that there is parity in provision of calorie information across the sector
4. identifying any unintended consequences and impact on health and other inequalities that may arise from mandating calorie information at the point of choice in OOH settings and measures potentially required to mitigate the unintended consequences and impacts
5. whether there should be any exemptions to the application of requirements for the provision of calorie information in OOH settings.

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Why your views matter

We will consider the Scottish Ministers’ options to proceed to implement proposals once we have received responses to this consultation.

Primary legislation may be required to allow Scottish Ministers to make regulations to introduce mandatory calorie labelling in OOH.

This consultation will inform whether and on what basis the Scottish Government will proceed with mandatory calorie labelling and we will keep the position under review as the policy develops. We anticipate that a further consultation may likely be required to inform any regulations for implementing mandatory calorie labelling in OOH, as well as the scope of the requirements and any exemptions.


  • Health and Social Care