Consultation on Traffic Regulation Orders

Closes 30 Jul 2021

Opened 4 Jun 2021


The Scottish Government has heard various calls over the last few years from Local Authorities detailing how they think improvements can be made to the regulations which govern how traffic flows on our roads and streets.  Some view the current processes as no longer fit for purpose hence why Transport Scotland was instructed to undertake a review of the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) procedures to fully understand if change is required.


Why we are consulting

This consultation has been designed to look at the emerging top priorities identified by the working group and to gather further information from interested parties to assess where legislative change may be appropriate. A key theme emerged around the procedures for experimental TROs which were generally considered outdated and unhelpful. Other areas that will benefit from further exploration are the use of redetermination orders and TROs covering loading bays.

It is important that the people who understand and use this legislation and the views of the public are put at the heart of this review.  That is why the Scottish Government is seeking your views on draft proposals aimed at improving the procedures for experimental orders for traffic authorities in Scotland.  We also want to hear your views on the need for the processes for  loading bay TROs and redetermination orders so we can assess what happens with them in the future.

This consultation seeks to get additional feedback from those we have not heard from to enable us to start the process of taking forward legislative reform to help build a better Scotland.


Give us your views


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