Adult Disability Payment: Review of the mobility component

Closes 25 Apr 2023

Opened 31 Jan 2023


Adult Disability Payment is the twelfth payment now delivered by Social Security Scotland. It replaces Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in Scotland, and it will provide support to over 510,000 disabled people by 2025.

In designing this new payment, we have carefully listened to the views of disabled people, stakeholders, and the public. We have made several improvements to Adult Disability Payment over PIP. These include substantial improvements to the application and decision-making process.

The eligibility rules for Adult Disability Payment have remained largely the same  as under PIP as part of our commitment to a safe and secure transition of the devolution of social security payments. This is to avoid having two sets of eligibility criteria before completing the transfer of people’s payments from the UK Government to Social Security Scotland by 2025.

We recognise that there is considerable interest from disabled people and stakeholders about the eligibility criteria for the mobility component. We are  consulting on the eligibility criteria for the mobility component to seek a broad  range of views on this matter.

This consultation does not set out or advocate a preferred Scottish Government position or policy. Instead, this consultation is an opportunity for the people of Scotland and our stakeholders to provide views on the evidence presented on the mobility component.

The Scottish Government is committed to beginning an independent review of  Adult Disability Payment later this year.

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We are hosting a series of engagement events

We are running a number of online and in-person sessions during this consultation on the eligibility criteria for the mobility component of Adult Disability Payment. Numbers will be limited: you will be required to sign-up to attend. 

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Why your views matter

We want to ensure that a range of voices are informing the review of Adult Disability Payment. We are doing this by listening carefully to disabled people and stakeholders about their views on the eligibility criteria for the mobility  component.

Once the consultation closes and the responses have been independently analysed, the findings will inform the independent review of Adult Disability Payment commencing later this year. In considering the future delivery of Adult Disability Payment, it is important that any proposals for change are achievable, affordable and realistic.

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