Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice

Closed 12 Sep 2017

Opened 19 Jun 2017

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The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 provides the legal framework for identifying and addressing the additional support needs of children and young people who face a barrier, or barriers, to learning.

The Act aims to ensure that all children and young people are provided with the necessary support to help them work towards achieving their full potential. It also promotes collaborative working among all those supporting children and young people and sets out the rights of children, young people and parents within the system.

The Act has been amended by the Education (Scotland) Act 2016. This extension provides that children will have the same rights as young people and parents under the Additional Support for Learning legislation, except in relation to placing requests and the use of mediation services. 

It is intended that these amendments to the Act will commence in January 2018. 

In preparation for this, there is a need to update associated Regulations and statutory guidance. 

This consultation seeks views in relation to 4 things (the code of practice and 3 sets of regulations): 

  • The Supporting Children’s Learning Code of Practice (third edition) 2017 - the statutory guidance for the Education (Additional Support for Learning) Act.
  • The Additional Support for Learning Dispute Resolution (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2017
  • The Section 70 (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2017
  • The Additional Support for Learning (Collection of Data) (Scotland) Regulations 2017

Why your views matter

We are consulting to ensure the changes in the 2004 Act are understood by stakeholders.

Download the consultation paper.

What happens next

An analysis report of the consultation's responses can be viewed at: 

The revised Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice was published on 20 December 2017 and can be accessed at:

The amendments to the Additional Support for Learning Act are intended to commence in January 2018.


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