Building Scotland's Low Emission Zones

Closed 28 Nov 2017

Opened 6 Sep 2017

Feedback updated 17 Jul 2018

We asked

The consultation asked key questions relating to the design of Low Emission Zones in Scotland.

You said

The responses helped inform national standards for Low Emizzion Zones and the development of supporting legislation.

In total, 967 reponses were received for the consultation "Building Scotland's Low Emission Zones", and the results can be found here.

We did

The Scottish Government has committed to introduce Low Emission Zones into Scotland's four biggest cities between 2018 and 2020, and into all other Air Quality Management Areas by 2023, where the National Low Emission Framework supports this approach.

Published responses

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This consultation paper sets out the proposed arrangements and options to deliver a consistent approach to designing, building and managing Low Emission Zones (LEZs) in Scotland. It is your opportunity to shape the guiding principles the Scottish Government will adopt to put in place the first LEZ by 2018.

Why your views matter

This consultation paper sets out the proposed arrangements and options to deliver consistent, well-designed and managed LEZs in 2018 and beyond.

Chapter 3 sets the scene for LEZs and outlines the scope of this consultation, before seeking your views on the overall principle of LEZs as an effective air quality mitigation approach.

Chapter 4 outlines the proposed guiding principles for Scottish LEZs and seeks your views on a selection of issues such as Euro emission criteria, LEZ hours of operation, enforcement, lead-in times and exemptions.

Chapter 5 seeks your views on measures that local or central government should consider in conjunction with LEZs to address the hotspots of air pollution in our towns and cities. Your views are also sought on the interrelationship between air quality, congestion and sustainable transport.

A bibliography is provided for readers who wish to seek further information on this topic in forming your response.

This consultation is your opportunity to shape the guiding principles of LEZs.

The deadline for responses is at midnight on 28 November 2017.

Download the consultation paper.


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