Cycling framework for active travel

Closed 19 Dec 2022

Opened 26 Sep 2022

Feedback updated 8 Nov 2023

We asked

For your views on the draft cycling framework and delivery plan.

The consultation was launched in September 2022 to seek views on the draft documents and to inform the final development stage. The consultation asked multiple questions seeking your views on:

  • The statements of policy context and wider active travel vision
  • Each section of the delivery plan
  • Organisations and governing bodies identified to lead delivery plan actions

You said

We received 336 responses across a wide range of business, government, third sector stakeholders and private individuals. There was general agreement with the overall aims of the framework and areas of broad consensus where changes were recommended.

We did

The responses to the consultation informed the final development of the framework and delivery plan. Notable changes from the draft version included:

  • Revision of the policy linkages section with additional linkages added and detailed descriptions of each in the policy annex.
  • Multiple changes to the wording and content of delivery plan actions including timescales and lead and supporting organisations.
  • Multiple additions to delivery plan sections including strengthened language around accessibility and modal shift.
  • Additional policy context section added around building in rural (and other non urban or standard) locations.
  • Multiple responses informed additional impact assessment analysis.



This Cycling Framework and Delivery Plan for Active Travel in Scotland builds on the progress made through three iterations of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) between 2010 and 2020. It reflects our aim to progress from CAPS and to develop an ambitious plan for Scotland for the next 5-10 years.

The Cycling Framework for Active Travel sets out our strategic priorities and shared actions to maximise cycling’s contribution in realising the Scottish Government’s long term Vision for Active Travel in Scotland: That Scotland’s communities are shaped around people, with walking and cycling the most popular choice for everyday short journeys.

The top priority for the achievement of our vision is for the delivery of more dedicated, high quality, safe cycling infrastructure, effectively resourced, where fair access is ensured and uptake is supported with training and education.

The actions in the delivery plan will drive forward work across National and Local Government, Business and the Third Sector, which will support the building and maintenance of a dense network of connected cycling infrastructure in every village, town and city, segregated from motor traffic, integrated with public transport, and interfacing with rural routes and the trunk road network.

While this Framework acknowledges the importance of all types of cycling, it is the Cycling Framework for Active Travel. Therefore, its focus is on increasing rates of cycling for everyday journeys. It is aligned with wider active travel outcomes including in the Scottish Government walking strategy and accessible travel framework but does not consider active travel modes other than cycling. In this context, “cycling” includes the use of e-cycles, cargo cycles, and other adapted and non-standard cycles.

This draft framwork and delivery plan has been produced in consultation with key stakeholders including active travel delivery partners, local and regional authorities. We aim to publish the framework in full by the end of this year and we're keen to hear your views before we do so.

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