Scottish roadworks technical consultation 2022

Closes 8 Sep 2022

Opened 13 Jul 2022


The aim of this consultation is to ask some specific technical questions regarding qualifications and reinstatement quality plans. Currently these elements are covered within Section 116 (Qualifications of supervisors and operatives) and Section 118 (Reinstatement Quality Plans) of The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019. We would like to engage with the public to determine if further Legislation is required regarding qualifications, and seek opinions on the proposals to define the timescales for quality plan submissions. The conclusions of this public consultation may result in clarification of these issues within a future Scottish Statutory Instrument. Alternatively it could be determined that the current process is sufficient.

Why your views matter

This consultation is necessary to complete the Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) currently required for developing Scottish Statutory Instruments, and to settle the direction for qualifications and reinstatement quality plans to the benefit of the community. We would like your views, supported by evidence where possible, on the questions and options proposed.

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