Wildlife crime penalties

Closed 16 Aug 2019

Opened 19 Jul 2019


This consultation is seeking views on strengthening wild animal welfare legislation by increasing the maximum penalties available for certain wildlife cruelty offences.

Why We Are Consulting

To formally ask for stakeholder and public views on the recommendation made by Professor Poustie in his review of wildlife crime penalties to strengthen the protection given wild animals by increasing the maximum penalties available for the most serious wildlife crime offences.
In the 2016-17 Programme for Government, we committed to increasing the penalties for wildlife crime. It's hoped that expert stakeholders involved in the enforcement of wildlife legislation can explain in detail why this commitment could prevent and deter those committing wildlife offences and how it may deal more effectively with those who do.


Read the consultation paper. 

What Happens Next

Results will be processed and published. Thereafter the responses will be used to inform instructions to legal colleagues to implement the proposed changes to the various pieces of legislation protecting Scotland's wildlife.


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