National Islands Plan and Island Communities Impact Assessments

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Closes 6 Jul 2019


We want the National Islands Plan to be a document that builds on what works well on Scottish islands, and which addresses the challenges faced by islands and their communities.  The Plan will set out how the Scottish Government, local authorities and other public agencies might work to improve outcomes for island communities.  Scottish Ministers will be asked to report back to Scottish Parliament every year on progress towards the goals included in the National Islands Plan. 

The Plan, therefore, is key to how we will all work together with island communities in the future.  It is therefore vital that as many people as possible who live, work and interact with Scotland’s islands and their communities take part in this consultation.  We want to hear people’s experiences and especially, their views about what we can build on and do differently in the future. The questions set out below aim to give people the chance to shape the National Islands Plan in a way that truly responds to their interests and aspirations. Please take part.

1. If applicable, which island(s) do you live on or do you relate to?

2. If applicable, what is good about living on your island? Please state 3 things that you like about living on your island.

3. If you’ve moved away from your island, please tell us why you left (for example, was it for work opportunities or for education).

4. If you’ve moved away from your island, please tell us what, if anything you miss about island life.

5. If possible, please can you give us some examples of good local initiatives/projects/activities, etc.?

6. The Islands (Scotland) Act lists a number of areas that are relevant for islands and island communities. Please rank these in order of priority for you, with 1 being the highest priority.

Do you feel that this list covers all aspects of island life?

7. If you answered no, is there anything else that you believe the National Islands Plan should address?

8. If applicable, are there any specific challenges about living on your island? Please state 3 challenges about living on your island.

9. If you’ve moved away, please tell us about any challenges that you experienced whilst you were living on your island.

10. If applicable, what could be done to make living on your island better?

11. How do you feel the National Islands Plan should address and respond to the distinctive geographical, natural heritage and cultural characteristics (including the linguistic heritage) of local island communities, including the needs of Gaelic speakers within those communities?