Local food for everyone

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Closes 2 Dec 2021

Part A - Local food: introduction

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Defining local food

In this consultation local food is defined as food that has some or all of the following features:

  • it is produced locally (this includes your town, region or elsewhere in Scotland)
  • it has short supply chains (there are fewer steps between the primary producer of the food and the person who eats the food)
  • it is sustainably produced (ie. produced in a way that is better for the natural environment than large scale industrial production)
  • it is produced in a way that places an emphasis on building better relationships of trust, information, fairness and support between local food producers and the people buying and eating their food

CASE STUDY: Why does local food matter? A locally focused emergency response

Like everywhere else in the UK, Argyll and Bute Council’s catering service was disrupted by the effects of Covid-19. By the beginning of June, the Council was sending out approximately 3,000 fresh food parcels and 2,000 ambient food parcels a week. By making an effort to source the contents from local suppliers as much as possible, the council were able to support the local economy, while providing local residents with quality, varied fresh food. 

Through supporting local businesses, the Council found an incredible ally in providing their emergency response, with Christine Boyle, Catering and Cleaning Officer at Argyll and Bute Council saying of local suppliers “They have been absolutely unbelievable. Whatever we need, they have fulfilled the ask and more. The suppliers aren't just supplying our food. They're supporting us and the whole project.”

1. Do you agree with the Scottish Government definition of local food as set out above?