Consultation on the implementation of revised EU rules on Equine Identification in Scotland

Closed 3 Oct 2016

Opened 22 Aug 2016

Published Responses

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The Scottish Government is seeking views on the proposals for the implementation of the revised EU regulation on the rules for the identification of equines in Scotland. In response to the horse meat fraud in 2013, the European Commission (EC) set out a 5 point action plan. One of the actions was to revise the Equine Identification Regulation (EC) No 504/2008 to strengthen the controls on the issue, use and quality of horse passports.The revised EU regulation also requires the establishment and operation of a central database in each Member State, which in previous legislation was optional. 

The purpose of the legislation is to protect public health by ensuring that horses which have been treated with certain veterinary medicines harmful to humans do not enter the food chain.

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This consultation starts on 22 August 2016 and closes on 3 October 2016. This consultation is for 6 weeks to allow the domestic legislation to come into force early 2017.

Why We Are Consulting

The consultation is to gather views on the proposed changes to equine identification legislation relevant to Scotland. We are interested to hear from anyone, and would particularly like to hear from Scottish Passport Issuing Organisations; the equine sector in Scotland, individuals and organisations, welfare organisations and Scottish Local Authorities.


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