Energy Efficient Scotland: Consultation

Closed 17 Jun 2019

Opened 26 Mar 2019

Published responses

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This consultation seeks to gather evidence which might support a change to the proposed timeframe to deliver standards for all properties across Scotland. 

It builds on earlier consultations on energy efficiency and fuel poverty including, amongst others; the Consultation of Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme; Energy Efficiency and Condition Standards in the Private Rented Sector; the Fuel Poverty Strategy Consultation; Energy Efficient Scotland Consultation: Making our homes and buildings warmer, greener and more efficient; the Consultation on the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing post 2020 (EESSH2); and our two consultations on Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies and the Regulation of Heat Networks.

Why your views matter

As part of this consultation we are considering how possible uncertainties associated with an accelerated programme of target setting and implementation can be overcome. It also sets out the suite of legislation that we will bring forward to support delivery of Energy Efficient Scotland; seeks views on the recommendations of the Short Life Working Group on Skills and Supply Chain; and explores what additional incentives could be put i place to support growth of the district heating market.

Energy Saving Trust are organising workshops on behalf of the Scottish Government covering both the Energy Efficient Consultation and the Low Carbon Heat Options in Off Gas Grid Areas: a call for evidence. The workshops are aimed at suppliers of energy efficiency and renewables products and services and will be held in Stirling and Inverness in early May.

If you are interested in attending then please email Energy Saving Trust at

Read the consultation paper.

What happens next

Following the consultation we will analyse the responses received and set out the Scottish Government's response. The feeback will inform further development of the Energy Efficient Scotland Programme and future updates of the Route Map, which we will next issue by the end of 2019.


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