Electoral reform consultation

Closed 15 Mar 2023

Opened 14 Dec 2022


The Scottish Government's consultation paper on electoral reform considers possible improvements to electoral law. It sets out a number of areas where the Government has identified issues requiring action.

It includes whether there should be any change for those currently able to vote but not permitted to stand for election, such as 16- and 17-year-olds. It highlights a number of possible changes to assist candidates in Local Government elections.

The consultation also sets out proposals on how to increase voter registration and how to improve accessibility in elections, to ensure all people can vote independently and in secret. It considers the small number of people resident in Scotland without voting rights, such as asylum seekers and people detained under mental health legislation. The consultation also looks at options for rearranging scheduled elections in response to exceptional circumstances. And it considers further changes in relation to the Electoral Commission, the Electoral Management Board for Scotland (EMB) and Boundaries Scotland. Finally, it addresses questions arising from the UK Elections Act 2022.

We recommend reading the consultation paper alongside answering the questions. The consultation paper goes into more detail on the issues discussed, and will help you to answer the questions more fully.

Read the consultation paper

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The below videos are also available to view throughout this consultation. You may find it easier to view them as you progress though the consultation, where they are visable alongside the questions which relate to each video.


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