Crown Estate Scotland draft 2020-23 Corporate Plan Consultation

Closes 25 Nov 2019

Opened 31 Aug 2019


Crown Estate Scotland as an organisation is less than three years old but can trace a history going back centuries.

This consultation comes when Crown Estate Scotland is still a very new Scottish public sector body, established less than three years ago. New legislation, the Scottish Crown Estate Act 2019, provides for the assets to be managed in a way which delivers greater value beyond financial return and enables other bodies to take on management responsibilities.

Now, with the Act coming into force and our second corporate plan being developed, we want to signal an ambitious new approach. Helping attract offshore wind investment, supporting new ways of growing food and closer working with communities – particularly on the coastline – are just some of the proposals that we’re asking people and organisations to give their views on.

Why We Are Consulting

We’re consulting so that our final 2020-23 Corporate Plan fully reflects views from all of Scotland.

Our draft 2020-23 Corporate Plan covers activity related to rural estates, coastline, seabed and more. It’s likely to be of interest to those in marine tourism, ports & harbours, offshore renewables, farming, forestry, and aquaculture, as well as the general public.

The draft plan reflects stakeholder and tenant feedback from meetings and events across Scotland, as well as several independent research surveys, a 2019 consultation on Crown Estate Scotland rural assets and Scottish Government’s 2017 consultation on the Scottish Crown Estate.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been undertaken to assess the likely environmental effects of the draft Corporate Plan. An Environmental Report, detailing the findings of the SEA, is also being consulted on.

Scottish Ministers are also currently seeking views on the draft Strategic Management Plan which is an overarching set of proposals setting out how Scottish Crown Estate land and property will be managed. This can be viewed here. Crown Estate Scotland’s final plan will align with the final Strategic Management Plan.

Read the draft 2020-23 Corporate Plan. 

Read the SEA Environmental report.

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