EURO 2028: Commercial Rights Protection

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Closes 26 Jul 2024

Street trading

For EURO 2020, unauthorised outdoor trading was prohibited in event zone(s) when these were in operation. This was needed in order to fulfil the Union of European Football Associations' (UEFA) requirements to host the event. The penalties for committing the street trading offence were: 

  • on summary conviction, a fine not exceeding £20,000,
  • on conviction on indictment, to a fine. 

For EURO 2028, we propose that similar measures and penalties should apply (including for pedlars).  Street trading by a non-UEFA partner would not be allowed when the event zone was operational.

It is proposed that Police Scotland and officers appointed by Glasgow City Council would enforce the proposed street trading offence. For someone to be appointed as an enforcement officer, they would require similar skills and experience as were required for EURO 2020. 

We propose that guidance for street traders and other businesses would be issued to help them to understand and comply with the street trading measures.

1. Were you aware of street trading laws put in place in event zones for EURO 2020?
2. What impact, if any, did those street trading laws have on you (as a resident, business or visitor)?
3. What impact do you think the proposed measures on street trading in EURO 2028 event zones might have on you (as a resident, business or visitor)?