A Consultation on the development of a Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland

Closed 28 Aug 2015

Opened 5 Jun 2015

Feedback updated 29 Dec 2015

We asked

For views on the on how Scotland can become even more resilient from cyber attacks and crime when using online technologies. 

You said

We received 96 responses with a wide range of comments.   The majority of respondents considered the draft to be a helpful, comprehensive document.  Many respondents welcomed the opportunity to comment with the overall the balance of opinion being in favour of the proposals.

We did

We analysed the feedback received and based on your views, Safe, Secure and Prosperous: A Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland was launched in  November 2015.

Its strategic outcomes are as follows:     

1. Our people are informed and prepared to make the most of digital technologies safely.
2. Our businesses and organisations recognise the risks in the digital world and are well prepared to manage them
3. We have confidence in and trust our digital public services
4. We have a growing and renowned cyber resilience research community
5. We have a global reputation for being a secure place to live and learn, and to set up and invest in business
6. We have an innovative cyber security, goods and services industry that can help meet global demand.

Results updated 22 Mar 2019


Published responses

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The digital age is transforming Scotland 

The growth of the internet and online technologies offers speed, agility, efficiency and access that has transformed the way we do business, the way we spend our leisure time, the way our public services run and the way our national infrastructures operate.

As individuals, we can more easily keep in touch with friends and family and more readily obtain information, products and services from around the world.

Our businesses rely more and more on online connectivity and reap the benefits, thanks to widening trade partners, more innovation and greater competition.  This in turn helps grow our economy.   

Our public services are increasingly being provided digitally and online with the aim of improving access for all, reducing costs while improving operational performance. 

In our national infrastructure, Scotland relies more and more on online technologies to run the systems that heat our houses, provide fuel for our vehicles and ensure that our water is safe to drink.    


Read the full consultation document here


Why your views matter

This consultation takes forward our commitment to building cyber resilience amongst our communities, our businesses and our public services.  It seeks views from individuals and organisations, across sectors, on how Scotland can become even more resilient from cyber attacks and crime when using online technologies.  It has been produced by the Scottish Government, with input from a wide range of partners across the public and private sectors.

What happens next

Following the closing date, all responses will be analysed and considered along with any other available evidence to help us reach a decision on the questions contained in the consultation.  We will analyse responses to support the further development of the strategy, which we aim to be publish in November 2015.

This consultation will also allow us to gather information and evidence to inform the development and subsequent publication of the Business Regulatory Impact Assessment, Equality Impact Assessment, Privacy Impact Assessment and Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment