Introduction of Electronic Invoicing in Public Procurement

Closes 24 Oct 2018

Opened 1 Aug 2018


This consultation document describes, and seeks views on, the Scottish Government’s plan to implement a change to the public procurement rules in Scotland.  While the specific nature of Brexit arrangements may impact on obligations to implement this Directive, the Scottish Government is consulting on its implementation based on the business efficiencies and benefits eInvoicing is expected to provide to public sector bodies and suppliers. 

The change being introduced by the Directive will be implemented by 18 April 2019 through amendment to the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015.

Why We Are Consulting

It is generally accepted that the implementation of eInvoicing will make it much easier to do business with, as well as facilitate more efficient payment processes to suppliers, including SME’s, which in turn will bring cost savings and liquidity benefits.

Some of the benefits of introducing eInvoicing to the public procurement process would include reduced costs, increased accuracy and processing efficiencies, faster processing and payment cycles, improved controls and compliance, increased visibility and transparency, focus on higher value activities and  improved customer satisfaction.

Although in depth stakeholder engagement has taken place and is continuing, this consultation is formally seeking views and comments from a broad range of stakeholders (including public bodies and suppliers) that the introduction of eInvoicing would be a positive and progressive step for the Scottish public sector.  

View the full consultation paper here

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