Call for Views: Advisory Group on Economic Recovery

Closed 31 May 2020

Opened 18 May 2020

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The Advisory Group on Economic Recovery has been established by the Scottish Government to provide independent expert advice on supporting the sectors and regions of Scotland's economy to recover from the impact of Covid-19. In establishing this Advisory Group, the Scottish Government has recognised that it must be prepared to act swiftly to mitigate the long-term economic impacts of Covid-19.  But alongside the enormous challenges brought by Coronavirus there is also a strategic opportunity. Over recent years it has been increasingly apparent that building a greener, fairer and more inclusive society in Scotland, requires a reimagining of our economy.  So the Scottish Government has asked the Group not merely to signpost a return to the status quo, but to set out possible paths towards a better recovery - towards a more robust, more resilient Scottish economy.  The Advisory Group needs as wide a range as possible of insights and knowledge to do this.

This call for views is an opportunity to shape the Advisory Group's recommendations by contributing your views on how the Scottish Government should approach supporting Scotland's economic recovery. The timescale is short, however, as Scottish Ministers require that the Advisory Group's recommendations are delivered by the end of June. To allow sufficient time for all views shared to be fully considered ahead of this deadline, this survey will close on Sunday the 31st of May. We realise that this is a short period of time compared with the normal ways of doing things but the nature of the situation means that we have to move quickly.

We are striving to make this as easy as possible whilst striking the best balance we can between openness and transparency and the time constraints we are faced with, so the Advisory Group has divided the requested responses into specific areas to be considered by respondents. The scope is broad and you may wish to focus your attention on specific areas where you feel you can make the biggest contribution. We can only ask for your help and the understanding that this needs to happen at pace.

Above all, however, the Advisory Group wants to hear your views on the current context and the interventions that will make the most positive difference to Scotland’s economic recovery in order to inform their recommendations. 

Call for views

The Advisory Group will only succeed if it can draw on the insights of a broad cross-section of organisations, businesses and individuals across Scotland.  This Call for Views is an opportunity to elicit and consider the perspectives of those impacted by the disruption caused by Covid-19 as well as those who will be critical to rebuilding Scotland's economy in a greener, fairer and inclusive manner.

In responding to this survey, the Advisory Group requests you bear in mind the likely impact that Covid-19 will have on the Scottish Government's budget. Public sector resources will of course be impacted very significantly by the crisis and the immediate response, so the scope for new public spending will undoubtedly be constrained. You are therefore encouraged to think widely about which actions would best promote a better recovery. We would particularly welcome thoughts on how existing resources and systems can be made more resilient as well as what new things could be done.

In the time available, the Advisory Group will not be able to provide definitive answers to every question or to set out a comprehensive and detailed blueprint for the period ahead.  But it does have a rare chance to outline an agenda for change and your input will be invaluable in helping to do so.  

What happens next

The Advisory Group has been asked to deliver its recommendations by the end of June, in time to inform the Scottish Government's approach to supporting Scotland's economic recovery. These will be published alongside a report providing the evidence for how the Advisory Group arrived at its recommendations .


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