Scotland's Economic Performance - The contribution of place-based economic development zones

Closes 20 Dec 2020

Opened 21 Nov 2020


The Scottish Government is committed to sustainable, inclusive economic growth as part of our ambition for Scotland to flourish through a just transition towards a net zero, wellbeing economy.

We are seeking to engage a broad range of stakeholders about the potential contribution placed-based economic development initiatives and specific incentives or measures can make to building a green, jobs-focussed, fair work recovery and renewal and driving inclusive, sustainable economic growth in the longer term.

Why we are consulting

We invite you to share your views on how we can build on our current initiatives, such as Enterprise Areas and Clusters, to make a greater contribution to this goal.  We are also interested in your views on whether the design and support package set out in the UK Government’s freeport proposals for bespoke economic zones around ports (maritime, air and/or rail terminals) might enhance that offering, and if it could better reflect Scotland’s needs and priorities. 

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