Education Reform: A Consultation on the provisions of the Education Bill

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Closes 18 Dec 2023

High-quality qualifications

Qualifications play an important part in Scotland’s education, skills and economic landscape. Qualifications therefore need to cater to a range of needs.

To meet these needs there should be a wide range of qualification types and ability levels to suit people’s diverse interests and aspirations.

Qualifications should be adaptable to fit the current and future vision for Scottish education and skills. They must consistently meet the needs of our pupils and students, education institutions, employers and industries to enable success for all.

The way individuals are assessed for a qualification must be relevant to the type of qualification itself and reflect modern techniques and approaches to assessment.

Qualifications should be delivered in a way that supports our teaching professions to deliver the highest quality of learning and teaching.

Offering qualifications in a commercial capacity in Scotland, and in international settings, will support greater financial sustainability in public services and grow Scotland’s global reputation in education.

The Scottish Government is therefore proposing that the new qualifications body will be responsible for ensuring all these activities are delivered effectively. In doing so, the qualifications body will support our key priority – to have diverse, high quality, robust and relevant qualifications provided in Scotland that are universally recognised and respected in Scotland and beyond.

Question 1 . What changes should we consider in terms of how qualifications are developed and delivered that you think would improve outcomes for Scotland’s pupils and students?