Climate change - draft Scottish National Adaptation Plan 3: consultation

Closes 24 Apr 2024


The storms Scotland has experienced in recent months and confirmation that 2023 was the hottest year on record, are both stark reminders that the impacts of climate change are not a distant threat. They are already with us, impacting our economy, society and natural environment today.  

That is why we need to take action to make Scotland more resilient in the face of a changing climate, through an Adaptation Plan. 

This consultation seeks your views on the draft Scottish National Adaptation Plan for 2024-2029. The draft Adaptation Plan responds to the third Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3). Further detail of the 61 risks and opportunities from climate change identified in the CCRA3 is available.

Climate adaptation is a complex picture of risks, opportunities and dependencies between policies. To break down this complexity, the draft Adaptation Plan is structured around five Outcomes, setting out the case for adaptation action for:

  1. Nature connects,
  2. Communities,
  3. Public services and infrastructure,
  4. Economy, business and industry, and
  5. International action.

Each of these five outcomes comes with its own set of objectives. In total, these 22 objectives define how we will measure delivery of adaptation action across the Plan. To achieve each objective, we are presenting a series of proposed policies. 

Read the consultation paper. The consultation paper contains full background information for this consultation, including a summary of key policy proposals. You may find it useful to read or refer to while responding.

What is adapting to climate change?

Challenges like heatwaves, flooding, and accelerating sea level rise are affecting our countryside, towns, and cities, and we know these changes we are seeing now will only increase in the future.

To protect our communities, we need our places to adjust to the effects of climate change, and to reduce our need for coal, oil, and gas to limit further damage.

Adjusting to the curent and future effects of climate change is 'climate adaptation'.

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from coal, gas and other sources is 'climate mitigation'. Scotland's target is to reach net zero emissions by 2045.

We know that not everyone will wish or feel able to answer all of the questions in this consultation. You’re encouraged to answer the questions you’d like to respond to, but you don’t have to respond to all of them.

The links in the table below correspond to the pages within the consultation. By clicking a link it will take you to the related page and questions. Once you have completed the relevant questions on the page you can click 'Continue' to return here and choose the next page you wish to view.

You will also see the option to ‘Save and come back later' at the bottom of each page. This feature allows you to return to the consultation at a later date without losing the answers you've already entered as part of your response. You do still need to submit your response before the consultation closing date or the response will be lost.

There are some questions you have to answer on the 'About you' page. Once these have been completed you may submit your response

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