Strategic Directions for the National Forest Estate

Closed 12 Oct 2012

Opened 16 Jul 2012


Forestry Commission woodlands are independently certified as sustainably managed under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard. Keeping people informed of management proposals affecting The National Forest Estate is an important part of maintaining this certification.

The strategic directions document lays out in broad terms the story of, nature of, and vision for the NFE. 

The document does not propose any major shift in the direction or balance of delivery from the NFE. However, we have used a very different approach for this strategic directions document, seeking to broaden its relevance to a wider audience, with a greater emphasis on:

  • describing what the NFE is and delivers for the nation
  • laying out our high-level vision for the Estate with strategic principles and directions, to guide its management and use. 

Why your views matter

We are seeking views on the draft proposals of the 'Strategic Directions for the National Forest Estate'.

  • The proposed approach to communicating what the NFE is and what it delivers.
  • Strategic directions and management principles for the NFE.
  • Whether there are any strategic gaps or omissions.


  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Farming and Rural