Scottish Strategy for Autism

Closed 29 Nov 2017

Opened 18 Oct 2017


The Scottish Government is refreshing the Scottish Strategy for Autism and identifying actions for what will be the strategy’s final phase. We believe the strategy has accomplished much for autistic people and their families since 2011, but we are under no illusions that much work remains to be done before our vision for autistic people is realised.

We believe our four strategic outcomes – a healthier life, choice and control, independence and active citizenship – are the right ones, and these will continue to guide the strategy through its next phase. We also know that much has changed since we adopted our outcomes approach in 2015 and, indeed, since the strategy’s launch seven years ago, including the recent devolution of employability and social security powers.

Why your views matter

We are looking for your views on what action you think we should seek to take to make Scotland a better place for autistic people and their families. What do you think needs to be done, and by whom, to realise our outcomes and the strategy’s vision for autistic people? Some actions have already been agreed and will form part of the strategy refresh. Given the fluidity and interconnectivity of our outcomes, we understand that actions may well straddle or sit under more than outcome.

Your views are important as they will help us to:

  • understand what is important to autistic people and their families
  • inform our actions for the next and final stage of the Scottish Strategy for Autism
  • identify whether there are other things we should consider in refreshing the strategy


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