Cancer Care: review of ovarian cancer Quality Performance Indicators

Closes 18 Jun 2024

Opened 21 May 2024


We welcome your views on the Draft Revised Ovarian Cancer Quality Performance Indicator Engagement Document.  Please refer to this document for full details of each QPI.

Please provide comments whether they be on all individual Quality Performance Indicators or only those relevant to you.

In particular we are looking for comments on:

  • The appropriateness of the QPIs that have been developed.
  • The target levels that have been set.
  • Feasibility of measuring the QPIs identified in a meaningful and comparative way (i.e. ‘like for like’ comparison).

All comments are welcome, whether they are positive or negative. Comments can be submitted anonymously however we would be grateful if you could provide contact details, should any further clarification on comments be required.

Why your views matter

National Cancer Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) were developed to drive continuous quality improvement in cancer care across NHSScotland.  The Ovarian Cancer QPIs were first published in August 2013.  The QPIs are subject to formal review every 3 years, therefore the third cycle of review has now been undertaken following analysis of Year 9 national comparative data.

In order to ensure success of the National Cancer QPIs in driving quality improvement it is critical that QPIs continue to be clinically relevant and focus on areas which will result in improvements to the quality of patient care. 

Wide clinical and public engagement is crucial to ensure wide inclusiveness of clinical colleagues across NHSScotland.  It is also vital to include the patients and the public as key stakeholders in this consultation to ensure the acceptability of the Quality Performance Indicators.

Give us your views


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