A consultation on the draft National Action Plan on Neurological Conditions (2019-2024)

Closed 8 Feb 2019

Opened 13 Nov 2018


The draft National Action Plan on Neurological Conditions sets out the vision of improving diagnosis, treatment and care of people with neurological conditions in Scotland, and describes  our commitments to achieve this vision.

This consultation invites people living with neurological conditions, carers, those who provide neurological services and wider health and social care organisations  to consider and respond to the commitments made in the draft plan.

Why We Are Consulting

The neurological community is very diverse and includes people with many different types of neurological conditions, of different ages, and of different levels of health and wellbeing. It is important to ensure we capture a wide range of views.

We want peoples' engagement with the issues and commitments  raised in the draft action plan, so that we can be sure (1) we have considered a wide range of perspectives in determining the priorities and commitments in the draft plan and (2) we have described the best actions possible to make improvements.

In this consultation we ask questions about the plan. Please answer them as this will help us understand your views, however you do not have to answer them if you prefer not to.

We have also provided space for you to make comments on the plan if you wish, however you do not have to make comments if you choose not to. 
At the end of the consultation we will publish a report on the responses we received to the consultation.

What Happens Next

When the consultation has closed the consultation responses will be analysed to establish the degree of consensus for the actions proposed in the draft plan, and whether any significant changes are needed.

We aim to publish the final plan in the first quarter of 2019.


  • Communities and Third Sector
  • Health and Social Care