Strategic Review of Irish - Scottish Relations

Closed 20 Mar 2020

Opened 23 Dec 2019


As part of the joint review of the Scotland – Ireland relationship—a collaborative first for both our Governments—this questionnaire is intended to gather the views of all those interested in how Ireland and Scotland associate, cooperate, and collaborate as close neighbours. Whatever your interest in Ireland – Scotland relations, we are keen to hear your views on how we work well together, what we might improve on, and how key aspects of the relationship might be suitably developed over the next 5 years.

The questionnaire is one strand of a broader engagement exercise being conducted by Scottish Government and the Government of Ireland to draw in a rich variety of experiences, views and ideas. Capturing the different views among the diversity of our peoples and residents will be a crucial step in guiding our conclusions. The results of this questionnaire will inform and steer the ongoing joint review of Ireland - Scotland relations and will be incorporated into the joint report in due course. We anticipate that this review will be the beginning of an on-going dialogue between our countries, and in the first instance we are focusing on 5 main areas of activity:

  • Business and economic interests
  • Community and diaspora links
  • Culture experience and exchange
  • Rural, coastal and island communities
  • Academic, educational and research links

The questionnaire begins with some basic information about you, as a respondent, and then directs you through a range of questions focusing our review themes and your experience of Ireland – Scotland relations. We invite both selected and open responses to hopefully allow you to contribute as much as you wish to share.


The online element of the bilateral review engagement has now closed. If you have a query or contribution to make to the review, please contact:


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