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Closes 22 Sep 2022

Opened 7 Jul 2022


We are engaging throughout the Summer with our key partners.

A series of “sprints” will explicitly focus on Just Transition Outcomes and are designed to bring together a sample of cross-sectoral voices to discuss system-wide issues to ensure that those with expertise in the related fields can feed in to this work.

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9 events, each focusing on one Just Transition outcome (first two weeks of July); each providing an overview of the energy system and how it is likely to change, before a facilitated detailed discsussion of the particular topic area


  • (A) Real-world examples and illustrations of JT outcomes (positive and negative visions), in relation to energy transition 
  • (B) Highlighting potential opportunities, risks, dependencies and priorities associated with this outcome, from multiple perspectives


(c. 4 events, 27,28, 29 July (tbc))
Issues arising in Sprint 1 are collated and organised to enable more focused and in depth discussion about trade-offs, practicalities and tensions with other JT outcomes, and to start to identify potential solutions and mitigations. 
  • (A) Concrete actions to realise opportunities & mitigate risks
  • (B) Material to enable officials to draft outline position statements for further testing and refinement in Sprint 3.


(1 or 2 events w/c 8 August (tbc))
Outline positions shared in advance of a workshop

  • Debate to reach consensus, resulting in a shared position that will inform an action plan.

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  1. Monday 4 July, Inverness: Adaptation & resilience of the energy system in a changing climate - Identifying key risks from climate change for our energy infrastructure, targeting future investment, and understanding regional distributional impacts
  2. Tuesday 5 July, Aberdeen: Scotland as Global Leader - Learning what the private sector needs to support and drive a just energy transition and identifying where Scotland can take advantage of opportunities of scale and be a first mover
  3. Wednesday 6 July, Aberdeen: Future of jobs and skills - Identifying where Scotland can take advantage of opportunities of scale or be a first mover; how can business support a just energy transition?
  4. Thursday 7 July, Stirling: Environmental impacts & the changing energy system- Identifying the domestic and overseas impacts associated with the energy transition on green spaces and the natural landscape
  5. Monday 11 July, Edinburgh: Decarbonisation: energy & a net zero, climate resilient economy-Driving an energy transition that delivers more resource efficient economic models
  6. Tuesday 12 July, Galashiels: Engaging with business - Supporting SMEs through the energy transition
  7. Wednesday 13 July, Inverclyde: Who pays? - Models for financing whole energy system transition, the opportunities for leveraging private sector finance and ensuring a transition that is fair and affordable for all
  8. Thursday 14 July, Glasgow: An energy system that tackles existing inequalities - Delivering an energy transition that tackles existing inequalities and prevents new ones arising​
  9. Friday 15 July, Ayrshire: Place, participation & the energy transition - Opportunities and barriers to a joined up, place-based approach to a whole energy system transition, incorporating heat, transport, and planning with communities at the heart of the process.

These are relatively small workshops of around 15 attendees.  A representative sample of stakeholders has been sought from key partners and stakeholders including; COSLA, Local Authorities, Community groups, Trade Unions, Environmental Groups and groups associated with equalities and protected characteristics.

Stakeholder events will continue throughout the summer and outputs from these events will be published when available. 

Engagement with our key partners will also include other focused discussions relating to the developments of the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan. 



Check back regularly for updates or contact: energystrategy@gov.scot


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