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Closed 14 Oct 2022

Opened 7 Jul 2022


We have already undertaken a variety of engagement activities to explore how to maximise opportunities and minimise the risks associated with the energy transition. Some sessions have focused on particular National Just Transition Outcomes, while others have been centred around a particular issue or community.  Events have been delivered by SG officials and by partner organisations. Two distinct larger packages of engagement are being delivered by consultants working very closely with Scottish Government officials. 

  • a series of 3 consecutive "sprints” working with stakeholder representatives to explore and refine opportunities, risks and actions associated with Just Transition Outcomes (delivered by Aspect)
  • in-depth, place-based participatory processes and associated community workshops will be exploring what changing energy infrastructure means in the context of specific communities and places (delivered by RSA)

More Information

A series of “sprints” will explicitly focus on Just Transition Outcomes and are designed to bring together a sample of cross-sectoral voices to discuss system-wide issues to ensure that those with expertise in the related fields can feed in to this work.

The sprints are relatively small workshops of around 15 attendees.  A representative sample of stakeholders has been sought from key partners and stakeholders including; COSLA, Local Authorities, Community groups, Trade Unions, Environmental Groups and groups associated with equalities and protected characteristics.


9 events, each focusing on one Just Transition outcome; each providing an overview of the energy system and how it is likely to change, before a facilitated detailed discussion of the particular topic area


(A) Real-world examples and illustrations of JT outcomes (positive and negative visions), in relation to energy transition 

(B) Highlighting potential opportunities, risks, dependencies and priorities associated with this outcome, from multiple perspectives


Issues arising in Sprint 1 are collated and organised to enable more focused and in depth discussion about trade-offs, practicalities and tensions with other JT outcomes, and to start to identify potential solutions and mitigations.  


(A) Concrete actions to realise opportunities & mitigate risks

(B) Material to enable officials to draft outline position statements for further testing and refinement in Sprint 3.


(date tbc)
Outline positions shared in advance of a workshop


Debate to reach consensus, resulting in a shared position that will inform an action plan.

Below you can view the major events to date:

Adaptation and resilience of the energy system in a changing climate (Sprint 1)

Monday 4th July, Inverness

Scotland as a global leader (Sprint 1)

Tuesday 5th July, Aberdeen

Future of jobs and skills (Sprint 1)

Wednesday 6th July, Aberdeen

Environmental protection and restoration (Sprint 1)

Thursday 7th July, Stirling

Decarbonisation: energy and a net-zero, climate resilient economy (Sprint 1)

Monday 11th July, Edinburgh

Engaging with business (Sprint 1)

Tuesday 12th July, Galashiels

Who Pays? (Sprint 1)

Wednesday 13th July, Greenock

An energy system that tackles existing inequalities (Sprint 1)

Thursday 14th July, Glasgow

Place, participation and the energy transition (Sprint 1)

Friday 15th July, Kilmarnock

Participatory Futures – community event (RSA)

Friday 5th August, Leven

Participatory Futures – community event (RSA)

Saturday 6th August, Dumfries

Ethnic Minority Environmental Network event (in conjunction with CEMVO)

Tuesday 9th August, Glasgow

Sprint 2

Morning and afternoon sessions on Tuesday 9th August, Dundee

Community Energy for a Just Transition (in conjunction with REGEN)

Wednesday 10 August

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