How we'll do it

Closed 14 Oct 2022

Opened 7 Jul 2022


Our approach to engagement follows our National Just Transition Planning Framework and is grounded in our Net Zero Nation: public engagement strategy. Both emphasise the importance of openness and co-design, while taking an evidence-based and adaptable, iterative approach.

Just Transition Planning aims to:

  • identify and mitigate economic or social injustice which may be exacerbated by climate action (and / or opportunities that should be exploited)
  • provide certainty for those involved in the transition (be they businesses, investors, consumers, or communities)
  • ensure everyone understands the active role that they can play in the transition

Aims of engagement

Engagement on the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan is intended to arrive at practical actions that will support National Just Transition Outcomes as we deliver our energy transition.  The transition will be a national endeavour, this engagement will also gather sectoral views on the Strategy and policies contained within it, to foster a joined-up approach to delivery and better understand where additional evidence may be needed.

Our summer of engagement on the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan also aims to:

  • ensure the purpose and scope of the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan are understood
  • ensure that energy stakeholders and those most likely to be impacted are involved in identifying and shaping action
  • bring voices together to enable informed and open discussions of the energy system in a holistic, systemic way, and actively seeking synergies, opportunities and risks
  • provide opportunities to actively develop & critique policy against national Just Transition Outcomes

We aim to make all materials and outputs openly available. 


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