National Strategy for Community Justice: Revision Consultation

Closes 25 May 2022

Opened 13 Apr 2022


This consultation invites your comments on key aspects of the revised National Strategy for Community Justice. Once published, this will supersede the current National Strategy for Community Justice, published in 2016.

Please read the accompanying consultation document 'National Strategy for Community Justice: Revision Consultation', and let us know your views.

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Why your views matter

This consultation is intended to seek views from a broad range of partners and the public to help us finalise the revised strategy. It sets out the national aims and priority actions that community justice partners should be focussing on over the course of the strategy. The national aims reflect our ambition for community justice and encompass early intervention and alternatives to prosecution; community sentences and alternatives to remand; access to services; and the mechanisms of community justice for those working in the sector.

Alongside this consultation, we will also hold workshop discussions to further explore views - if you are interested in taking part in one of our workshop discussions, please email:

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