Delivering improved transparency in land ownership in Scotland: Consultation on draft regulations

Closes 8 Nov 2018

Opened 20 Jun 2018


Improving transparency of land ownership in Scotland is at the very heart of progressing land reform in Scotland. We are consulting on proposals that will help people and communities to know more about, and engage with, the individuals who control the decision making of land owners and tenants of land in Scotland.

In these draft regulations we propose to establish a new Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land and to require categories of entities who may own land in Scotland, and where the controlling interests in the entities are not currently transparent, to make details of their controlling interests publicly available in the new Register.

Why We Are Consulting

As required by the 2016 Act we will consult on the proposed draft regulations for a period of 60 days, not including periods of parliamentary recess. In this consultation we are seeking views on the proposals in the draft regulations and on the proposed implementation of the new Register.

Download the consultation paper.

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