Consultation on proposals for reviewing the current landlord registration fee structure and expanding the range of prescribed information applicants must provide to local authorities

Closed 7 Jun 2018

Opened 15 Mar 2018

Feedback Updated 23 Nov 2018

We Asked

We asked for your views on

  • Proposals to ask for additional information about compliance with legal duties relating to letting houses;
  • Options for amending the landlord registration fee structure.

You Said

  • We received 239 responses to the consultation, of which 80 were from organisations, 95 from individuals and 64 from those who identified themselves as landlords.
  • Responses indicated broad support for requiring landlords to provide more information about compliance with specific legal duties, in particular relating to property condition and safety. 
  • Concerns were expressed about the cumulative financial impact of all the proposals for amending landlord registration fees (the rate of inflation calculated since landlord registration was introduced in 2006) coupled with removing discounts for joint applications, online applications and applications across multiple areas. 

View the analysis report on responses to the public consultation on changes to fee structure and required prescribed information for landlord registration here


We Did

We published the 207 non-confidential responses to the consultation and an analysis report.  Based on the responses received we will implement changes to the prescribed information within the application process towards the middle of 2019.  Regulations have been laid in Parliament to end the 10% discount for on-line applications made on or after 1 December 2018.  We will also introduce the ability for Scottish Ministers to apply a rate of inflation increase to the application fees, subject to an annual review of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  This will not be backdated to 2006 as suggested in the consultation.  We will work with local authorities to improve consistency in the way applications are processed before considering whether further changes to fee levels are needed.

Published Responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


Mandatory private landlord registration has been in place since 2004. It plays an important role in helping to improve standards for over 770,000 people who rely on the private rented sector to provide them with a home.

Evidence suggests that the current application process is not robust enough to ensure that all landlords understand and comply with their legal responsibilities. The consultation therefore seeks views on proposals to ask for additional information about compliance with legal duties relating to letting houses.

Landlord registration application fees have not increased since 2006, and so they do not reflect the additional work or increased costs to local authorities of administering landlord registration within an expanding private rented sector. The consultation also seeks views on amending the current fee structure to ensure that fees are proportionate and reasonable to the authorisation process undertaken by local authorities.

Why We Are Consulting

The proposals are intended to strengthen the system of landlord registration in a proportionate way that will help to ensure that homes rented to private rented sector tenants are of good quality and are managed professionally.

Responses to the consultation will help to shape changes to the application process that will require landlords to demonstrate that they meet their legal responsibilities. They will also inform amendments to the way that fees are charged so that local authorities have enough resources to make informed decisions about who can be approved to operate as a landlord.

Download the consultation paper.

View accessible HTML here

The Scottish Government’s Landlord Registration Team will be holding a series of consultation events throughout May.

The sessions provide the opportunity for those with an interest in landlord registration to participate in group discussion and provide feedback on the consultation. The proposals are intended to help landlords to understand their responsibilities, make the application process more robust and ensure that fees are set at a reasonable level. The overarching aim is to help improve standards of property condition and management in the private rented sector.

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