Public Sector Equality Duty review

Closed 11 Apr 2022

Opened 13 Dec 2021


Scottish Ministers are committed to reviewing the effectiveness of the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) in Scotland. After months of research and engagement to identify issues within the Scottish Specific Duties (SSDs), it has become clear that more could be done to improve the regime. Drawing on our research so far, this consultation now sets out a series of detailed proposals both for legislative changes to the SSDs and changes to the wider implementation environment.

This consultation is split into 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Seeking views on specific and detailed proposals that we think will improve the current regime, based on evidence and views from stakeholders (Questions 1-7);
  • Part 2: Using the opportunity of this consultation to seek further views from stakeholders and build our evidence base on key issues (Questions 8-13); and 
  • Part 3: Providing an opportunity for further and general reflections, and providing information on responding to the consultation (Question 14).

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Why your views matter

Due to the technical nature of the Scottish Specific Duty regime and the purpose and effect of the regulations, this consultation is mainly targeted to the Scottish public sector and equality advocacy groups. However, we would also welcome responses from members of the public and the private sector, if you/your organisation wishes to.

This is an opportunity to provide your unique perspective and expertise to help us continue to shape these proposals together.

What happens next

We will publish the results of the analysis of responses to this consultation. The responses will inform our suggested improvements to the Scottish Specific Duty (SSD) regulations and implementation environment. We will continue to engage with stakeholders throughout this period. 

The suggested changes to the SSDs will be legislated for to the extent possible within the powers of Scottish Ministers. Subject to the Parliamentary timetable, regulations will be introduced to the Scottish Parliament in late 2022 subject to the affirmative Scottish Statutory Instrument procedure to give effect to any proposals that require regulatory changes.


  • Equality, Welfare and Rights
  • Public Sector