Inshore Fisheries Pilot: Inner Sound of Skye - A Consultation

Closed 11 Apr 2019

Opened 17 Jan 2019


The Scottish Government launched the Inshore Fisheries Pilots initiative in July 2017 with the aim of exploring alternative approaches to managing inshore fisheries.

The initiative seeks to explore two approaches to fisheries management:

  • a more localised approach where fishing interests are central to the development of fisheries management arrangements; and
  • spatial separation of fishing operations, such as static (creeling) and mobile (trawling) within specified areas.

Following the outcome of the 2017 consultation, further representations were made to the Scottish Government which have resulted in this new proposal which may present unique learning opportunities.

Why We Are Consulting

Marine Scotland is keen to hear views and suggestions from those who may be directly or indirectly impacted by the proposed pilot fisheries management measures.

N.b. the consultation period has been extended and the deadline to respond is now 11 April 2019.

Read the consultation paper.


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