Consultation on Inshore Mackerel Fishery Trial

Closed 13 Dec 2017

Opened 1 Nov 2017

Feedback updated 10 Apr 2018

We asked

1. Do you agree that the current allocation (1000 tonnes) for the North Sea stock is the right amount?

2. Do you agree that the additional allocation (300 tonnes) for the western stock should be reduced to 50 tonnes?

3. Do you agree with the Scottish Government’s proposal to establish handline mackerel as a fishery open to all 10mu licences and therefore remove all Handline Mackerel Entitlements from licences?

4. Do you agree with the arrangements for the current quota allocation pools for the NS mackerel stock? Do you think that the allocation shares between these pools should change?

5. Should all non-sector vessels (under and over 10m in length) have access to the inshore mackerel fishery?

You said

Support was strong for most proposals bar the reduction in western allocation and opening access to the fishery for over 10m vessels.

Please read the analysis report for fuller details.

We did

1. NS mackerel allocation will be 1,000 tonnes.

2. WS mackerel allocation will be reduced to 100 tonnes.

3. Access to the fishery will be open to all Scottish, non-sector, 10mu vessels.

All handline mackerel entitlements will be removed from licences by 1 May 2018.

4. Allocation and management by geographic pools will continue as per 2017 (i.e. monthly limits).

5. No expansion of access for non-sector, over 10m vessels.

Results updated 10 Apr 2018

Analysis report of all responses received to the consultation.

An outcome statement will be published separately, and later today, under the section titled, "We Asked, You Said, We Did".

This will also be circulated to Fishery Offices and via email to the FMAC, IFMAC and RIFG distribution lists.


Published responses

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The consultation paper provides a background to the creation of the inshore mackerel fisheries and reviews the impacts of the 2014-17 trial period of expanded access and quota allocation.

Please click here to read the consultation document in full.

Why your views matter

In 2014, the Scottish Government launched a trial of expanded mackerel fisheries in Scotland’s inshore waters. Its intention was to provide more opportunities for inshore fishermen to expand and diversify, to encourage new entrants, to examine the potential for more low impact fisheries and to widen the benefits from quota to local communities around the coast.

In each of the past four years 10 metre and under (10mu) vessels in the non-sector have had access to approximately 1,000 tonnes of North Sea mackerel and 300 tonnes of West of Scotland mackerel. A key features of the arrangement have been open access to the fisheries for all 10mu non-sector licences.

The four year (2014-2017) trial is almost complete and the Scottish Government is considering the impacts of the trial and seeking views on the future of the inshore mackerel fishery.


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