Enhancing sustainable fisheries management - Remote Electronic Monitoring

Closed 7 Jun 2022

Opened 15 Mar 2022

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This consultation sets out our overview of Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM) and its application across the fishing fleet. The consultation seeks views on the rollout of REM to the scallop and pelagic fleet segments, and initial views on REM applied across other sections of the fleet. 

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Why your views matter

The publication of this consultation paper seeks to gather views on REM as a fundamental part of delivering sustainable and responsible fisheries management under our Fisheries Management Strategy. We are seeking a wide variety of stakeholder views of the proposals we are setting out in order to inform delivery.

What happens next

Your response to the consultation paper will help shape the development of the Remote Electronic Monitoring. We aim to publish a responses summary after the conclusion of the consultation, highlighting any key trends to be considered. 


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