Consultation on Wild Seaweed Harvesting

Closed 15 Feb 2017

Opened 22 Nov 2016

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Seaweed is a significant resource for Scotland, very important environmentally and historically but harvested at a small scale at present.  There is considerable potential for growth and development of its exploitation and use. 

The UK currently has no large-scale harvesting of seaweed, but in Scotland there are businesses harvesting seaweed at a small scale. The seaweed harvesting sector has recently indicated aspirations to develop large-scale wild seaweed harvesting around the coasts of Scotland.

Why We Are Consulting

Marine Scotland has carried out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of wild seaweed harvesting to investigate the sustainability and potential environmental and cumulative impacts of large scale mechanical extraction of wild seaweed, in particular kelp forests.  The key to the success of seaweed harvesting at this scale (and therefore of the industry) is sustainability of the resource.

Your views on this SEA are sought to help develop policy.


  • People of Scotland
  • Community groups
  • Environmental NGOs
  • Rural development interests
  • Recreational activity representatives
  • Conservation and Environmental Groups


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