Review of Clinical Trial Access Quality Performance Indicator

Closed 18 Aug 2017

Opened 3 Jul 2017


Under the auspices of the Scottish Cancer Taskforce, National Cancer Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) were developed to drive continuous quality improvement in cancer care across NHSScotland.  In July 2014, the Clinical Trial Access QPI was published, and following 3 years of national comparative data, this has now been subject to formal review.  In order to ensure success of the National Cancer QPIs in driving quality improvement it is critical that QPIs continue to be clinically relevant and focus on areas which will result in improvements to the quality of patient care.  

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Why We Are Consulting

Wide clinical and public engagement is crucial to ensure wide inclusiveness of clinical colleagues across NHSScotland.  It is also vital to include the patients and the public as key stakeholders in this consultation to ensure the acceptability of the QPIs.  We would like your comments on the Revised Clinical Trial Access QPI.  In particular we would like to hear your views on:

  • The appropriateness of the QPI that has been developed.
  • The target level that has been set.
  • Key points or areas that are not covered within the QPI
  • Feasibility of measuring the QPI identified in a meaningful and comparative way (i.e. ‘like for like’ comparison)

A form to assist with submission of comments has been developed and should be used wherever possible.  Please note that supporting evidence should be detailed along with comments where appropriate.

What Happens Next

All responses will be collated for review and decision by the Clinical Trial QPI Formal Review Group. Those who have participated in the engagement process will receive an overview of the changes made and a copy of the final Clinical Trial Access QPI document, ahead of publication in 2017.


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