Planning Performance and Fees

Closed 16 Feb 2020

Opened 18 Dec 2019


This consultation paper proposes a new approach to how the performance of planning authorities is measured, the role of the planning improvement co-ordinator and a new structure for the planning fee regime along with the introduction of additional services which authorities can charge for and the ability to waive or reduce planning fees in certain circumstances.

Why we are consulting

This is the biggest change to the structure of planning fees in over 25 years.  We are keen to hear stakeholders views on the new categories of development and method for calculating fees.  Applicants in particular will want to see improvements to performance if they are being asked to pay more to apply for planning permission which is why we are consulting on reviewing the planning performance regime at the same time.  We are keen to understand the impact of these changes on businesses and other users of the planning system.

Read the consultation paper.

What happens next

In September we published our Planning Act Work Programme which set out that the proposed changes to the fee regime would be in place by Summer 2020 with the revised Performance Regime being implemented by the end of 2020.


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