Financial Redress for Historical Child Abuse in Care - Pre-Legislative Consultation

Closes 25 Nov 2019

Opened 2 Sep 2019


This consultation seeks views on the detailed design of a statutory financial redress scheme in Scotland, scheme administration issues, and views on financial redress as part of a package of wider reparations for survivors of historical child abuse in care.

Why We Are Consulting

In October 2018, the Deputy First Minister made a commitment to introduce a statutory redress scheme, following the receipt of recommendations from a consultation with survivors which was carried out in 2017. Those recommendations form the starting point for this consultation and are referenced throughout.

This consultation is a necessary part of the pre-legislative process for the Scottish Parliament to consider and approve draft legislation. It seeks further detail on the key findings from the 2017 consultation, covers a wider range of issues, and provides an opportunity for all interested parties to express their views now there is a firm commitment to introduce a financial redress scheme in Scotland.

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  • Children and Families
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  • Equality, Welfare and Rights
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  • Health and Social Care