Financial Redress for Historical Child Abuse in Care - Pre-Legislative Consultation

Closed 25 Nov 2019

Opened 2 Sep 2019

Results Updated 19 Dec 2019


Published Responses

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This consultation seeks views on the detailed design of a statutory financial redress scheme in Scotland, scheme administration issues, and views on financial redress as part of a package of wider reparations for survivors of historical child abuse in care.

Why We Are Consulting

In October 2018, the Deputy First Minister made a commitment to introduce a statutory redress scheme, following the receipt of recommendations from a consultation with survivors which was carried out in 2017. Those recommendations form the starting point for this consultation and are referenced throughout.

This consultation is a necessary part of the pre-legislative process for the Scottish Parliament to consider and approve draft legislation. It seeks further detail on the key findings from the 2017 consultation, covers a wider range of issues, and provides an opportunity for all interested parties to express their views now there is a firm commitment to introduce a financial redress scheme in Scotland.

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What Happens Next

Once the consultation has closed, the results will be analysed independently by an external analyst, and a report will be published on the Scottish Government website.

The consultation findings will help shape the content of the draft legislation, which will be introduced to the Scottish Parliament during 2020. It is expected to be one of the final pieces of legislation considered before the end of this Parliamentary term in March 2021.


  • Children and Families
  • Communities and Third Sector
  • Equality, Welfare and Rights
  • Public Sector
  • Health and Social Care