A Consultation on Improving Disability Assistance in Scotland

Closed 28 May 2019

Opened 5 Mar 2019

Results updated 28 Oct 2019

This report presents an analysis of written responses to the consultation on Disability Assistance in Scotland.

The consultation ran from the 5 March 2019 until the 28 May 2019. The consultation was in four parts, covering:

  • Disability Assistance in Scotland
  • Disability Assistance for Children and Young People
  • Disability Assistance for Working Age People
  • Disability Assistance for Older People 

The Scottish Government has published both its analysis and response to the consultation and will use the analysis to help inform the development of Disability Assistance.

We have also outlined our model client experience - this sets out our high level vision for Disability Assistance and how it differs from the current UK social security system.



Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


This consultation asks questions on whether the policy intent set out in the Scottish approach to Disability Assistance will meet the needs of the children and adults it is intended to help. We would like to gather views to ensure we have identified the best possible approach to delivering this assistance before we draft the benefit regulations.

Building on our work with Experience Panels we are now keen to gather further views of people with a working knowledge of social security, including disability benefits, and experience of applying for disability benefits. The Scottish Commissionon Social Security (SCoSS) has been established and will scrutinise the Disability Assistance regulations which will be drafted in accordance with feedback from this consultation.

View full consultation paper on gov.scot.

View the Easy Read paper on gov.scot.



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  • Health and Social Care
  • Work and Skills