A Consultation on Scotland's National Transport Strategy

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Closes 23 Oct 2019

Section A: The Vision and Outcomes Framework

Four Priorities each with 3 Outcomes
Vision: We will have a sustainable, inclusive and accessible transport system, helping deliver a healthier, fairer and more prosperous Scotland for communities, businesses and visitors.
Promotes equality
Will provide fair access to services we need
Will be easy to use for all
Will be affordable for all
Takes climate action
Will adapt to the effects of climate change
Will help deliver our net-zero target
Will promote greener, cleaner choices
Helps our economy prosper
Will get us where we need to get to
Will be reliable, efficient and high quality
Will use beneficial innovation
Improves our health and wellbeing
Will be safe and secure for all
Will enable us to make healthy travel choices
Will help make our communities great places to live
1. Is the Vision that is set out for the National Transport Strategy the right Vision for transport policy over the next 20 years?
2a. Are the Priorities and Outcomes that the Strategy is trying to achieve the right Priorities and Outcomes for transport policy over the next 20 years?
2b. Are some of these Priorities and Outcomes more important than others or are they equally important?
3. Are the Challenges the Strategy highlights in Chapter 3 the key Challenges for transport, or are there others the Strategy should focus on?