Scotland's National Transport Strategy Impact Assessments

Closed 5 Jan 2022

Opened 3 Nov 2021


Scotland’s National Transport Strategy 2 (NTS2) sets out the vision for Scotland’s transport system to the year 2040. The NTS2 outlines the four priorities for our transport system:

  • Reduces inequalities
  • Takes climate action
  • Helps deliver inclusive economic growth
  • Improves our health and wellbeing

The first NTS2 Delivery Plan sets out strategic policies and the broad actions the Scottish Government (SG) is taking to deliver on its vision and priorities to the end of March 2022, taking account of the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Impact assessments are being undertaken on 37 strategic policies within the NTS2 Delivery Plan and we would like to get your views on the initial screening of impacts through this consultation. The impact assessments are:

  • Social and Equality Impact Assessment (SEQIA) - incorporating an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA), Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) and Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment (FSDA)
  • Island Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA)
  • Health Inequality Impact Assessment (HIIA)
  • Business Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA)

We have examined the need to undertake a Data Protection Impact Assessment of the NTS2 Delivery Plan and have concluded that any data protection issues were being fully addressed as part of individual policies and therefore an overall assessment of data protection impacts on strategic policies would not be required.

The consultation period will run from Wednesday 3rd November until Wednesday 5th January 2022.

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Alternative formats

If you are unable to respond using the Citizen Space hub, you can alternatively send your response by email or post:

By post: please download the Respondent Information Form from the Supporting Files section and post your completed form to:

NTS2 Impact Assessment Team


Aurora, 7th Floor
120 Bothwell Street
Glasgow, G2 7JS

By email: please download the survey form and the Respondent Information Form and return these to as attachments.

To request a paper version of the survey please email:

Easy Read and Gaelic formats of this consultation are also available and other accessible formats can be arranged upon request.

Why your views matter

The NTS2 is a catalyst for change, setting out a compelling vision for the kind of transport system we all want for Scotland over the next 20 years. Our first annual NTS2 Delivery Plan, published in December 2020, brings together the actions being taken forward by the Scottish Government to achieve our vision and priorities.

Within the context of the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain focused on delivering our priorities, which are central to achieving a green recovery and a just transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

While the Delivery Plan sets out the actions being taken by the Scottish Government, a collaborative approach across all involved is crucial.

We are undertaking stakeholder engagement as part of the Delivery Plan process, including this consultation, to help us shape annual Delivery Plans.

Through this consultation, you are invited to share views on the actions being taken to achieve our vision for the NTS2.  The outputs of the assessment process will inform the development of future Delivery Plans and actions being taken across Scottish Government.

We know that some inequalities have been intensified by the pandemic. We hope that many individuals and organisations will respond to this consultation as this will ensure that our evidence and data remains reflective of the lived experiences of users of the current transport system.

We appreciate that some of the consultation questions may not be directly relevant to everyone. As such, we would encourage everyone to respond to any or all of those areas where you feel you have a contribution to make.

What happens next

Following the closing date of Wednesday 5th January 2022, all responses will be analysed and a consultation report will be produced which will summarise the key findings.  Responses will be made publicly available where permission has been given.

The findings from the consultation will be considered along with other available evidence and used to undertake the final impact assessments for the NTS2 Delivery Plan 2020-2022 as well as for developing actions and informing the development of the NTS2 Delivery Plan 2022-2023.  


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