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  • Cancer care: review of breast cancer quality performance indicators - engagement

    We welcome your views on the draft revised breast cancer quality performance indicator engagement document. Please refer to this document for full details of each quality performance indicator. Please provide comments on all individual quality performance indicators (QPIs) or only those relevant to you. In particular we are looking for comments on: the appropriateness of the QPIs that have been developed the... More
    Closed 23 November 2022
  • Land Reform in a Net Zero Nation

    Scotland has a proud history of land reform going back to the early days of devolution. We are committed to bringing forward a new Land Reform Bill in this parliamentary session. Over the summer, we are undertaking a wide-ranging consultation on our proposals for the measures it should contain. The Bill will be ambitious. It will address long-standing concerns about the highly concentrated pattern of land ownership in rural areas of Scotland. At the same time, we want... More
    Closed 30 October 2022
  • Inspection of early learning and childcare and school age childcare services in Scotland

    This consultation aims to gather views on a vision for the future of inspection and what this will deliver for children, families and practitioners, teachers and staff working in the sector from the full range of early learning and childcare (ELC) and school age childcare services, whether or not they currently provide funded ELC. It is seeking views on the strengths of existing inspection arrangements, where improvements can be made and the proposal to bring forward a shared... More
    Closed 28 October 2022
  • Scotland's social security system: Enhanced Administration and Compensation Recovery - consultation

    This consultation seeks views on a number of proposed changes which have been identified as desirable since the passage of prior primary legislation, principally the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018 (the ‘2018 Act’). The Scottish system of social security is founded on dignity, fairness and respect, and takes a rights-based approach to delivering devolved welfare powers. The Scottish Social Security Principles provide the foundation of this Scottish system.... More
    Closed 27 October 2022
  • Physical intervention in schools guidance consultation

    In response to concerns raised about the use of restraint and seclusion in schools in the Children and Young People Commissioner’s 2018 report, No Safe Place , and the subsequent ENABLE Scotland In Safe Hands report, the Scottish Government established the Physical Intervention Working Group to develop new human rights-based guidance . The draft guidance aims to minimise the use of restraint and seclusion in schools. It includes new definitions, human... More
    Closed 25 October 2022
  • New build heat standard consultation: part II

    We are developing regulations which will, from 1 April 2024, prohibit the use of direct emissions heating systems in new buildings: both domestic and non-domestic. We are now in a position to provide further details on our intention to regulate heating systems in new buildings, and we are seeking stakeholder views on a number of key issues relating to these proposals. More
    Closed 20 October 2022
  • What we have done so far

    We have already undertaken a variety of engagement activities to explore how to maximise opportunities and minimise the risks associated with the energy transition. Some sessions have focused on particular National Just Transition Outcomes, while others have been centred around a particular issue or community. Events have been delivered by SG officials and by partner organisations. Two distinct larger packages of engagement are being delivered by consultants working very closely with... More
    Closed 14 October 2022
  • What are Scotland’s Just Transition Outcomes

    The Just Transition Outcomes are a central part of our National Just Transition Planning Framework . Just Transition Planning is about working collectively to identify the opportunities (and risks) associated with taking climate action. The aim is to plan for an orderly managed transition, that supports these Just Transition outcomes. Where the energy transition presents risks to these outcomes, for example where carbon-intensive activities will need to adapt, or are... More
    Closed 14 October 2022
  • How can you get involved

    Read more about how you can get involved in the the development of the Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan Participatory futures community workshops The RSA team are continuing to refine and iterate additional workshop activities; timings we hope to confirm up to 3 more events to take place in the coming weeks – check back for more information. These events will include a mix of activities that a) facilitate deep listening to better understand the... More
    Closed 14 October 2022
  • School uniforms in Scotland

    Introduction The Scottish Government has committed to introduce statutory guidance in Scotland which aims to address equalities issues around uniform policy and reduce the cost of school uniform, as this can be a significant barrier to participation in learning. This consultation seeks views on: what should be included within the scope of the guidance the role that school uniform plays within the ethos, culture and day to day school life ... More
    Closed 14 October 2022
  • What are we doing

    To develop the Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan, we are taking a range of approaches to build agreement among citizens, places, businesses and workers about priorities and where we most need to see action. The variety of approaches reflects our need to hear from a wide range of different groups. This is because different groups have different levels of background knowledge and different opportunities to get involved. We need to gather energy industry... More
    Closed 14 October 2022
  • How we'll do it

    Our approach to engagement follows our National Just Transition Planning Framework and is grounded in our Net Zero Nation: public engagement strategy . Both emphasise the importance of openness and co-design, while taking an evidence-based and adaptable, iterative approach. Just Transition Planning aims to: identify and mitigate economic or social injustice which may be exacerbated by climate action (and / or opportunities that should be exploited) ... More
    Closed 14 October 2022
  • Consultation on changes to the Parole Board (Scotland) Rules 2001

    The procedure under which the Parole Board considers cases is determined by the Parole Board (Scotland) Rules 2001, as amended (“the 2001 rules”). The Scottish Government is committed to modernising and simplifying the 2001 rules. These are now some 20 years old and in need of changes to ensure that they are fit for purpose. In addition, there is a need to consider some new rules for certain procedures. This consultation will focus on the following topics below: ... More
    Closed 12 October 2022
  • Scotland’s statutory debt solutions and diligence: policy review response

    The Scottish Government committed to a policy review of both formal debt recovery mechanisms (known as diligence) and the statutory debt solutions (moratorium protection, bankruptcy, Protected Trust Deeds and the Debt Arrangement Scheme) with the aim of further enhancing and improving our system. This consultation sets out the Scottish Government’s response to the second stage of the review. Stage 2 of the review has been stakeholder led and involved the creation of three... More
    Closed 7 October 2022
  • Equality Evidence Strategy 2023-25 consultation

    We are consulting on a draft plan to improve and strengthen Scotland's equality evidence base. The responses we receive through this consultation will help to shape this plan, which will form the basis of Scotland's new Equality Evidence Strategy. The development of Scotland's next Equality Evidence Strategy, covering the years 2023 to 2025 will mark the conclusion of the first phase of the Scottish Government's Equality Data Improvement Programme (EDIP). This phase was launched in April... More
    Closed 7 October 2022
  • Planning with People: Community engagement and participation guidance - service user questionnaire

    Did you know that people living in Scotland have the right to get involved in the design and delivery of new health or social care services, and to comment on changes to existing services? When it comes to designing or making changes to these services, it is important that NHS Boards, Health and Social Care Partnerships and Local Authorities listen to the views of people who might use them. The process of finding out your views is called community engagement. In March 2021, the... More
    Closed 30 September 2022
  • Fiscal framework review - stakeholder call for evidence

    Overview This call for evidence is seeking views on the design and operation of the Block Grant Adjustment mechanisms which form part of the Scottish Fiscal Framework. In particular, views are sought on how the Block Grant Adjustments allocate risk and deliver on principles described by the Smith Commission, and which are intended to underpin the Scottish Fiscal Framework. Changes to the Scottish Block Grant are largely calculated by the Barnett... More
    Closed 28 September 2022
  • Restricting promotions on food and drink high in fat, sugar or salt

    This consultation is open until 23 rd September 2022. If you are unable to respond by the deadline, please contact us at . Responses received up to 30 September will be accepted and included in the analysis of this consultation. If responding after the closing date, please complete the respondent information form and email to In 2021-22 Programme for Government (link will open in new window) , the Scottish... More
    Closed 23 September 2022
  • Devolved aspects of the review of the Scheme that provides relief to energy-intensive industries for a proportion of the costs of funding renewable energy generation, that includes the Renewables Obligation (Scotland)

    This consultation enables the Scottish Government to fulfil its obligation, in parallel with the UK Government which is seeking views on the exemption scheme that provides relief to energy-intensive industries (EII) for a proportion of the indirect costs of funding renewable electricity policies. This includes Contracts for Difference (CfD), Renewables Obligation (RO) and small-scale Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) schemes (collectively defined as the “Exemption Scheme” or “Scheme”). ... More
    Closed 23 September 2022
  • Scottish Biodiversity Strategy 2022

    The Scottish Government are seeking views for their Biodiversity Strategy, which is due for publication in 2022. The Strategy is the starting point in a process which will lead into the development of rolling delivery plans and, through the introduction of a Natural Environment Bill, statutory nature restoration targets. This consultation forms part of an engagement process with a wide range of stakeholders who have an interest in Scotland’s biodiversity, including land... More
    Closed 12 September 2022
  • Dialogue challenge: Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan

    The way we use and generate energy will continue to transform in the coming years, affecting our jobs, the way we live and the way we do business. This transformation can be an opportunity to build a wealthier, healthier and fairer Scotland, as well as helping us to meet our ambitious commitments to tackle climate change. Later this year, a refreshed Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan will be published in draft. This will provide a whole-system vision and route map for... More
    Closed 12 September 2022
  • A new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy - consultation

    We want to hear your views on what a new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Scotland should look like. We have asked a series of questions, and your answers to these will help us write the final Strategy. The Strategy will guide the work that the Government, and our partners, will do to improve mental health and wellbeing in Scotland. This will include an overall shared vision, a set of outcomes, and how we will achieve these to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing.... More
    Closed 9 September 2022
  • Salmon fishing: proposed river gradings for 2023 season

    We are seeking views on the proposed river gradings for the 2023 fishing season, which have been calculated from the annual assessment of the conservation status of wild Atlantic salmon populations in rivers across Scotland. Additionally, we are seeking views on proposals for achieving higher rates of catch and release and post-catch survivability. These include encouraging voluntary measures and the potential of mandatory measures through legislation change in future which... More
    Closed 9 September 2022
  • Scottish roadworks technical consultation 2022

    The aim of this consultation is to ask some specific technical questions regarding qualifications and reinstatement quality plans. Currently these elements are covered within Section 116 (Qualifications of supervisors and operatives) and Section 118 (Reinstatement Quality Plans) of The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019. We would like to engage with the public to determine if further Legislation is required regarding qualifications, and seek opinions on the proposals to define the timescales for... More
    Closed 8 September 2022
  • Home education guidance

    Why we are consulting This consultation seeks views on the draft updates to the existing Home education guidance , published in 2007. This guidance is published under Section 14 of the Standards in Scotland’s Schools Act 2000, and local authorities are to have regard to the guidance. The draft guidance sets out the roles and responsibilities of local authorities and parents in relation to home education. It provides information on... More
    Closed 31 August 2022
  • A new Suicide Prevention Strategy for Scotland

    The Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) will publish a new Suicide prevention Strategy and Action Plan in September 2022. This will replace the current Suicide Prevention Action Plan: Every Life Matters which was published in 2018. Every Life Matters sets out ten actions which are driven by the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group (NSPLG) . The Plan continues to deliver a wide range of actions, including: campaigns to reduce stigma and... More
    Closed 23 August 2022
  • Delivering Scotland’s circular economy: A Route Map to 2025 and beyond

    Through this consultation we set out our proposals for a Route Map to 2025, our strategic plan to deliver Scotland’s zero waste and circular economy ambitions. It is the start of a national conversation on how we deliver our vision for the circular economy. We are seeking your views on the feasibility and ambition of these proposals in order to reach our 2025 waste and recycling targets, and to achieve our long terms goal of net zero by 2045. Read the consultation... More
    Closed 22 August 2022
  • Delivering Scotland’s circular economy: a consultation on proposals for a Circular Economy Bill

    This consultation seeks views on the Scottish Government’s proposals for legislation to develop Scotland’s circular economy. A circular economy is one in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible. It can benefit the environment, by cutting waste and carbon emissions; the economy, by improving productivity and opening up new markets; and communities, by providing local employment opportunities. The consultation sets out a number of areas in which we are... More
    Closed 22 August 2022
  • Inclusion of Scottish public bodies in Transparency in Supply Chains (TISC) reporting

    This consultation is seeking your views on proposals to extend the reporting requirements to Scottish public bodies for the publication of modern slavery statements as part of work to improve Transparency in Supply Chains. It also seeks your views on the mechanisms for this reporting and associated enforcement regimes. Public Sector Alongside commercial organisations, the public sector has a crucial role to play in addressing the risks of modern slavery in its supply... More
    Closed 22 August 2022
  • Improving victims' experiences of the justice system: consultation

    The Scottish Government’s new Vision for Justice in Scotland , published in February 2022, sets out our clear and compelling vision for a just, safe and resilient Scotland. We are committed to a transformational approach to justice reform to ensure the system meets the needs and values of today’s society, and the society we want to see in the future. This means putting people at its heart, redesigning historical processes where they no longer meet our needs and reforming in... More
    Closed 19 August 2022
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