A Culture Strategy for Scotland

Closed 19 Sep 2018

Opened 27 Jun 2018

Feedback updated 28 Feb 2020

We asked

We asked for views on a draft vision and three main ambitions underpinned by a series of draft aims and actions.

You said

There was overall support for the ambitions, aims and actions set out in a draft Culture Strategy for Scotland. The rich material generated by the nearly 220 responses to the public consultation is reflected in the three analysis reports linked below:


Key Themes Report



Summary Analysis Report



Full Report


We did

We have strengthened the vision, ambitions and aims and added a set of guiding principles to better reflect the priorities and language suggested by respondents.  More information has been included about what the Scottish Government, national cultural organisations and other public bodies will do as a result of the strategy and we have defined a series of specific actions which will be taken forward. We have also included a number of case studies suggested by respondents that demonstrate the range of good practice already being carried out across the culture sector in Scotland. A Culture Strategy for Scotland can be accessed via the link below:



Results updated 23 Jan 2019

The attached reports set out the findings of the public consultation. To make the analysis report easier to read and to engage with, it has been published in three separate but related parts:


1. Key Themes Report

2. Summary Analysis Report

3. Full Analysis Report

Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


Scotland’s rich and varied culture, heritage, landscapes, languages, traditions and creativity are collectively one of the country’s greatest strengths. Scotland has an enduring world-wide reputation as a centre for ideas, learning, education, creativity and innovation. Culture reflects the past; challenges the present and shapes the future.

Following a Scottish Government commitment to develop A Culture Strategy for Scotland, early engagement with individuals, artists and creative producers, communities and organisations during 2017 asked what matters most to people about culture in Scotland and what they thought the priorities for supporting culture are over the next decade.

(Banner image: Kathy Hinde’s Luminous Birds, presented by Cryptic as the Year of Innovation, Architecture & Design 2016. Image courtesy of the Artist.)

Why your views matter

The draft Culture Strategy for Scotland for consultation builds on the feedback gathered during the engagement phase and sets out a Vision supported by a set of ambitions, aims and actions. The draft strategy commits to long term change through greater collaboration and integration across culture, communities and policy development to ensure that culture’s empowering and transformative power can be experienced by everyone.

We want to hear from you about whether you think the draft strategy presents a firm foundation for sustaining culture into the future. We also want to hear about what you think success will look like for the strategy and how you are or can contribute to that success.

When the consultation period ends, all responses received will be reviewed by independent analysts and a report will be published that summarises the results of the consultation. All responses received will be published on the Scottish Government website, anonymised where appropriate. The final strategy will reflect the views of contributors gathered throughout the consultation.

Download the consultation paper.

Download the easy read summary and questionnaire.

BSL version of consultation paper.


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