The future of Recorded Crime and Police Activity Statistics

Closes 10 Dec 2021

Opened 22 Oct 2021


The Scottish Crime Recording Board would like to consult users on the production and dissemination of Scotland’s recorded crime statistics. Questions are also asked on the possible development of new statistical products covering other types of policing activity.

Scottish Government statisticians currently publish two bulletins on crimes and offences recorded by the police in Scotland. This includes an annual release of National Statistics, and a much shorter monthly release of Official Statistics.

The responses we receive will help inform our long term strategy for the delivery of crime and policing statistics.

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Why your views matter

Regular consultation with users is a key requirement of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. It helps ensure Scotland’s recorded crime statistics are of high value, through their relevance to those who use them, and their capacity to support understanding of the important issues relating to crime in Scotland (alongside other complementary sources of Official Statistics and research).

Following the closing date of this consultation, responses will be reviewed along with any other available evidence, to help develop plans for the production of these statistics. In addition to this, the Crime Board will consider a finalised set of groups for the presentation of crime statistics. Once changes to the crime groups have been implemented, a revised set of times series data will also be published.

Upcoming events

Statisticians will host a user event between 13:00 and 15:00 on Tuesday 9 November 2021 to talk through the questions contained in the main document and give stakeholders an opportunity to provide any feedback (which would be in addition to their response through the consultation hub).

For further information and to sign up please visit the event page.

We will keep you informed of consultation developments through the SCOTSTAT network.

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  • Recorded Crime and Police Activity Statistics - Consultation Event

    From 9 Nov 2021 at 13:00 to 9 Nov 2021 at 14:30

    This event is open to all organisations and individuals who have an interest in this topic. Statisticians will give a presentation on the areas covered in the consultation, and attendees will have the opportunity to discuss further, provide feedback and ask questions. Any feedback collected will be in addition to responses received through the Citizen Space consultation hub.


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