Consultation on amending the Small Isles MPA Designation Order 2016

Closed 16 Oct 2016

Opened 22 Aug 2016

Feedback Updated 10 Nov 2016

We Asked

The Small Isles MPA was designated in 2014.  However the description of the site boundary In the designation order did not reflect what is portrayed on maps.  In other words, attempting to draw the site boundary from the description in the designation order would not have created it.

The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 requires consultation to take place on any proposal to designate a Marine Protected Area (MPA).  In this case this was a technical exercise because the MPAs already had effect.

Consultation was undertaken on the proposal using the Citizen Space platform between 22 August and 16 October 2016.  The consultation page served as notice of Scottish Ministers intention to re-designate the site.  Those pages can be found here:


You Said

A total of 2 responses were received.

Both agreed that the new definitions of the site boundaries appeared to be correct.

We Did

The MPA has been re-designated by Scottish Ministers, with effect from 18 November 2016.  The new designation order can be found at the following page:


The co-ordinates and description detailed in schedule 1 of the existing designation order  for the Small Isles MPA does not properly create the accepted boundary of the site that is shown on maps. In other words, trying to re-create the map from the description in the designation order is not possible.

Therefore we are consulting on a new designation order which has an updated description of the site boundary.  No other element has been changed.

Why We Are Consulting

This page serves as notice under section 75 of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 that Scottish Ministers intend to revoke the Small Isles Marine Protected Area Designation Order 2014. It also serves as notice that the Scottish Ministers intend to re-make the Order (as amended with a correction being made).

The purpose of the Order is to further the conservation objectives of the respective protected area. We are consulting on a new designation order which has an updated description of the site boundary.  No other element has been changed. 

In accordance with section 75(2)(c) of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, a plan or chart identifying the area’s boundaries can be downloaded or inspected at:

Scottish Government
1A South
Victoria Quay

Please email in order to make arrangements if you would like to inspect the Order in person.


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