Let’s Talk Scottish Education

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We’re inviting everyone who has an interest in the future of our education system to join the National Discussion.

Have your voice heard and help develop a vision for the future of education in Scotland. What kind of education, skills, knowledge and support do you think young people will need 20 years from now?

Find out how you can get involved below.

Why are we having a National Discussion?

There is excellent work taking place in education across Scotland, supporting our learners to reach their potential.

However, the world around us has changed a lot since the last time a national debate was held on education. We need to think ahead to the kind of education, skills and support learners need now and in the future. This will make sure we continue to provide a great education for all.

Education plays a key role in finding solutions to global and local challenges and in making sure children’s rights are respected.

That’s why we need to listen carefully to learners, parents, teachers, school staff and everyone who has an interest in the future of education. We want to hear in particular from those who we have not heard from in previous listening exercises.

We want a future vision for education, and to understand how to make this vision a reality with practical ideas. This is a chance to pause, reflect and contribute to an exciting future vision for education in Scotland.

There is some great learning taking place in Scottish education. Here are just some success stories.